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Comprehensive Appraisal Report Template for Personal Property in Estates


If you are looking for a professionally written, comprehensive appraisal report to assist clients requiring documented Fair Market Values, this appraisal template is an excellent fit.

NOTE: This report is a comprehensive, well-organized and professional template intended for those who have experience conducting estate valuations.  If you are looking for a shorter, easier template, please see the Easy Appraisal Report Template here.


This comprehensive appraisal template can be used for:

  • Serious-minded clients who want to understand the values of their possessions, or a leave-behind report for heirs.
  • Adult children seeking values for Equitable Distribution among heirs.
  • Attorneys/Executors requiring documentation of the estate contents.


The Comprehensive Appraisal Report Template includes:

  • Your company header at the top of each page, along with client/estate information
  • Table of Contents
  • Letter of Transmittal
  • Certification
  • Value Type and Scope of Work
  • Sales Comparison Value Approach
  • Assumptions
  • Restrictions
  • Property Descriptions (fill in your client’s items room by room)
  • Photographs of the Items
  • Sources Cited (copy & paste the sources you used for research such as web pages, books, phone calls, etc.),
  • Appraiser Qualifications
  • Numbered photos, which you will match to each room of items, can be inserted at the end of the report for reference.
  • Numbered pages

This form has been used successfully with executors, clients and lawyers that require a more comprehensive documentation of personal property in the estates they are handling.

Convert your finalized report into a PDF before emailing it, but keep a version you can edit.  Some appraisers also provide a hard copy along with a digital copy to their clients.

About this document

This document has been created in Word so you can easily edit to your requirements. The length of this document will be dependent on how many items you list, how many photos you want to insert, sources you cite, etc.

Some knowledge of Word will be helpful. Since every appraisal is going to have different page lengths in different sections of the report, some minor adjustments of the page layout may be needed as you add or subtract information.

If you are not well-versed and experienced with personal property in estate situations, please do not use this template.  Consider the Easy Appraisal Report Template instead. This form is for professionals who have experience and an understanding of estate valuation work. (Please do not submit this document for an estate that is filing a 706 Tax return as it is not USPAP compliant).

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