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Raising Standards. Raising Expectations.

Being a member of The American Society of Estate Liquidators® (ASEL) represents a commitment to uphold standards of conduct and best practices as a measure of effectiveness and integrity within the estate sales industry. While ASEL is not a policing agency, we offer comprehensive guidelines for conduct and ethics in our membership acceptance, training courses and materials.  If you strive to be considered among the best of the best, then ASEL’s standards will help get you there.

In an industry laden with pop-ups and fly-by-night companies, many of which have no and may be using questionable practices, each member of ASEL agrees to observe a set of principles dictated by ASEL in order to maintain his or her membership in good standing. Adherence to a Code of Ethics reinforces to the marketplace that they are working with professionals who are the cream of the crop. From honest representation and confidentiality to professional conduct and fairness in fees and pricing, ASEL members bring a higher level of credibility and standards to the profession, which equals a higher level of preference in their marketplace.

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