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Easy Appraisal Report Template for Personal Property in Estates


The Easy Appraisal Report Template is a simplified way of writing a valuation or appraisal report for a client, their adult children, guardian, attorney, etc.

If your client or the legal decision-maker of an estate needs an understanding of Fair Market Values for items in an estate, but does not want to go to the expense of a formal report, this template is a good fit. The length of time using this template is considerably shorter and easier, not to mention more economical for the client.

You simply fill in all the areas that we have shown you in blue.

NOTE: This template should not be used if your client or attorney requires a more comprehensive report. This is a simplified report that does not include photos or measurements of the items. (If you choose to add photos and measurements on your own, you can do that but they are not included in this template).

This template includes:

  •  A letter of transmittal to your client with a definition of Fair Market Value
  •  A Scope of Work section for your detailed description of the property
  •  Description of Property in an easy-to-understand room-by-room listing.


This template can be used for:

  •  Clients who desire an understanding of values, but do not want to go to the expense of writing a comprehensive report.

  •  Anyone handling an estate looking for current values so they can make decisions to keep, sell or donate the items.

  •  Adult children seeking values for equitable distribution among heirs who prefer a simple report over a comprehensive one.

  •  Attorneys/Executors requiring documentation of the estate. Make sure to ask if a “simplified” appraisal will work for their needs.  They may require a more in-depth report.

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