For Liquidators

ASEL – Dedicated to the Profession of Estate Liquidation

The American Society of Estate Liquidators® is a professional Estate Sale Association developed for liquidators by liquidators. We understand the challenges you face and problems you need to overcome as you build your business. ASEL is dedicated to being your go-to resource for business building, marketing and succeeding in estate sales and personal property services.

ASEL has a passion for your success, and is continually adding new courses and training, podcasts, business building educational products, tools and resources to our arsenal of knowledge at the ASEL Institute to arm you with what you need to succeed. Everything offered through ASEL encourages excellence in how estate liquidation and personal property services are delivered into the marketplace.

Your services are making a difference in people’s lives often during one of the most emotional times in their lives. Being able to entrust the selling and distribution of their estate and personal belongings through a credible professional is why ASEL exists.

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