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The Essential Estate Sale Contract


“THE ESSENTIAL” Estate Sale Contract is a must-have for every estate sale professional and at an unheard of price.  The best contract and best price you will find anywhere.  Covering virtually all the nuts and bolts we could think of,  this estate sales contract will reinforce your professionalism, while protecting you and your client’s interests.  Thorough and exceptionally well written.  Ready to print off and use.

You can edit, delete, add and rearrange to suit your needs, comfort levels and the state in which you conduct business.

5 page Estate Sales Contracts in the industry developed by our legal team (Microsoft Word).

  • The Estate Sales Contract  includes professional written sections on the following:  The Purpose, The Agreement, Promotion/Duration, Research, Price, Negotiate, Risk of Loss/Damages/Insurance, Working Conditions, Personal Examination (also covers client’s need to remove/isolate items they are keeping), No Removal of Property after Contract is signed, Proceeds, Commission, Advertising, Security, Other fees, Sales Method (includes gentle reminder clients need not be present), Title, Unsold Property, Irreconcilable Differences with wonderful description, Termination (with explanation of fees involved if they terminate), Disclaimer, Taxes, Governing Law.

estate sale contract

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