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Let prospective clients and other professionals know upfront what services you offer. Promoting these services is important in establishing yourself as a valuable resource in your community.  Current trends indicate that clients prefer the ease of using one professional who can offer multiple services.  This document offers a comprehensive list of services an estate sales professional may offer.  It is ready to customize in Microsoft Word for you to add, remove or edit as you wish, and gives you a professional document you can print off on your own company letterhead.

This is an excellent accompaniment to other documents you choose to share with prospective clients during the interview process, or share with professionals such as attorneys and realtors you market to.  This document lists:  Estate Sales Services, Online Selling, Appraising/Valuing, Estate Clean Outs, Brokering/Consigning, Consultation/Advisory services, and Other services you may wish to add, along with suggestions under each service.




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