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Perfect for Estate Liquidators and Personal Property Appraisers.

How Do I Identify Items of Value in My Home?


This speech topic discusses why it’s important to understand the values of their possessions, what makes values go up or down, what makes something valuable, (characteristics of value), and an engaging “surprise” for the audience that will have them talking about you for a long time. This would be for exposure to faith-based organizations, retirement communities, assisted living centers, civic organizations, senior groups, women’s groups, etc. The speech ranges from 35-45 minutes dependent on your delivery, but can be made shorter or longer depending on your need.

PLUS, receive the following ready-to-use handouts!

  • 6 Important Reasons to Have Estate Items Evaluated
  • 10 Big Mistakes People Make with Personal Property
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Handouts ready to use with space for your company info!

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