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Hiring An Estate Liquidator That’s Right For You

When dealing with the overwhelming task of the dissolution of a loved one’s estate, you don’t need to know how to do it; you just need to know someone who does. The challenge is to be able to distinguish between qualified, experienced estate sales professionals and individuals with fly-by-night operations focused on making a quick buck. American Society of Estate Liquidators, the #1 association for estate sales professionals brings you insider insight to what you should know and look for when considering to hire and then contract an estate liquidator.

Based on decades of experience by a seasoned expert who has seen and done it all, you will learn:

  • If a liquidator is what you need
  • How to find a liquidator in your area
  • Tips for making the right choice
  • Pre-qualifying over the phone and face-to-face interviewing
  • Red flags to look out for before hiring a liquidator
  • What should be in the contract for services
  • Other services a liquidator may provide
  • What is expected of you and you should expect from the liquidator

This eBook was written specifically for consumers seeking to better understand the estate liquidation process and what you should know when entrusting the precious possessions of a loved one to an outside resource. Packed full of everything you need to know, this eBook is a small investment that gives you a BIG payoff in peace of mind that you can make the best and right choice for you.

Plus, receive these BONUS articles:

  • PART I: Client Responsibilities to the Estate Sales Professional
  • PART II: Estate Sales Professional’s Responsibilities to Clients


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