ASEL has put an experienced legal team to work in creating one of the most comprehensive estate sales and termination contracts you can find. Covering virtually everything we could think of for you to potentially consider when entering into a contract with your clients, this estate sales contract will reinforce your professionalism, while protecting you and your client’s interests. PLUS, we’ve included a Rescission Contract (Termination Agreement) to help you cover the bases when it is necessary to end a relationship with professional documentation. Designed to save you time and money with your own legal advisor, we recommend finalizing both contracts for your use with your attorney editing, deleting, adding and rearranging to suit your needs, comfort levels and the state in which you conduct business. You can custom create what you want and delete what you don’t want in the contract.

This package includes:

  • One of the most comprehensive (7 page) Estate Sales Contracts in the industry developed by a legal team you can customize, edit, add/subtract, etc. (Microsoft Word)
  • 3 page Termination/Rescission contract if you need to back out of a sale professionally (Microsoft Word)
  • 4 page Instructions for completion of the estate sales contract (PDF)

The Estate Sales Contract (see image below) includes professional written sections on the following:  The Purpose, The Agreement, Research, Price, Negotiate, Loss, Working Conditions, Personal Examination, No Removal of Property after Contract is signed, Proceeds, Commission, Advertising, Security, Other fees, Sales Method, Title, Unsold Property, Irreconcilable Differences, Termination, Disclaimer, Damages, Insurance, Taxes, Governing Law, Notices – each are thorough sections.

The Termination/Rescission Contract is for Mutual Estate Sales Termination & Release between the liquidator and the client, if ever needed.

To create these contracts from scratch could cost you a thousand dollars or more! We have put thought into what you would not have considered, and that’s exactly why this package is one of the best values your money can buy – brought to you by the nation’s #1 organization for estate sales professionals!

NOTE: ASEL recommends your attorney review the contract for any special considerations.


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