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35 Ways to Effectively Market Your Estate Liquidation Business


Based on industry best practices, this 17-page eBook gives you powerful insights to why and how being solutions-focused in your marketing efforts pays off in countless ways. In addition to the 35 Ways to Market, you also get tips on developing your marketing strategy and planning for effectively positioning and presenting your estate liquidation business in your marketplace. Learn how to promote your company within your marketplace and who should be in-the-know about your business to help spread the word in powerful ways.

This book will help you get a bigger bank for your buck and time spent through:

  • Building a stronger image and market presence
  • Reaching your ideal clients where and when they need you the most
  • Leveraging your expertise and knowledge as a resource
  • Building a community of influence for referrals and preference

Plus receive!

  • Sample letter to attorneys and financial planners
  • Sample letter to assisted living centers and retirement communities
  • Sample flier content for customizing to your business


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