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14 Problems and Solutions for Estate Liquidators


Based on over two decades of insights in estate liquidation experience, this 57-page eBook will give help you better address the challenges that are an everyday aspect of being an estate liquidator. Packed with multiple insights and solutions within each Problem/Solution scenario, you will be able to tackle similar situations with confidence. Whether you have encountered these problems before or have yet to experience them, this eBook will arm you with the options and know-how needed to handle any situation with the utmost of professionalism and effectiveness.

Some of the challenges covered include helping you better manage:

  • Unrealistic client expectations and demands
  • Client emotions during estate sale process
  • Client interference and involvement
  • When the client takes more from the home than you initially agreed upon
  • When the client still lives in the home
  • Time pressures, public pressure and when the worse happens
  • Justifying your fees and reinforcing your policies
  • Handling negative online reviews

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