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Build Your Business With Value-Added Expertise

How do you become a go-to expert in your industry?

By being a resource that your clients can turn to time and time again as their needs and demands change.
Perfect for Estate Liquidators and Personal Property Appraisers.

How To Become A Successful Personal Property Broker

INCLUDES 3-Page Brokering Contract


IMPORTANT NOTE: This eBook is not for a beginner in the industry. You should be an established estate liquidator, appraiser or residential content valuation provider with a moderate-to-advanced knowledge base and established relationships in your industry. If new to the industry, you should consider one of ASEL’s course offerings by CLICKING HERE.

Being an expert means being able to help your client in the most prudent ways possible when it comes to selling their personal property. Maximizing the sales price for their higher-end personal property is the mark of a professional, as well as knowing where to sell them and what is involved to handling in a professional manner. Expanding your offerings to include being a broker enables you to serve you client whether or not an estate sale is warranted. This 18-page eBook provides the ins and outs of building a successful brokering business from managing all aspects of the brokering process to locating and working with major auction companies.

Based on decades in the industry, you will learn from A to Z including:

  • Responsibilities of a broker and the brokering process
  • Explanation of brokers fees and suggestions for commission structures
  • How to contact auction companies and the key questions to ask
  • How to prepare documentation for clients
  • How to finalize the sale and handle the payment process

This eBook was written specifically for professionals seeking to broker higher-end personal property.

Plus, receive:

  • Complete Current Listing of all Major Auction Houses in U.S.     

You could spend hours compiling this information, and it is now at your fingertips in this eBook!

  • BONUS: Brokers Contract
Everything YOU need to know to be become THE go-to turnkey solutions estate and personal property expert!
Giving you the ability to continue to build you business in ways that matter to your clients!

Introducing ASEL’s Be the Expert Series of How-To eBooks designed to:

  • Help you expand your business into multiple streams of income;
  • Leverage your time to make more money in what you do for clients:
  • Aid you in understanding the ins and outs of being viewed as an expert in specialized disciplines;
  • Provide insight so you can determine if expanding your expertise is right for you right now;
  • Give you the tools and resources to expand your expertise effectively.

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