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Consultation Contract


This contract is for Personal Property Consulting and Advisory Services.  For those that offer consulting, advising, valuating/appraising, liquidating, handling estates, etc., you should have a professional agreement to assist you in offering professional advice to your clients.

This agreement is quite comprehensive and includes but is not limited to the many reasons why a Consultant is called in to Advise;  formulate a plan the client can follow, better understand possible estimates of value,  discuss options for dissolution of personal property, suggest proper resources for selling property if other than yourself, discuss best ways to maximize proceeds of personal property, etc.

It also ensures that the client you are working with is the legal decision maker/owner, understands these are opinions and not a guarantee,  spells out Confidentiality and Intellectual Property, Conflict of Interest and Findings, Personal Examination and Risk of Loss, Compensation and Term, Termination and Notices, Entire Agreement and Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Venue.

This three-page agreement outlines for you and your clients the expectations associated with your role as a Consultant of their personal property.

  • Provided in Microsoft Word for easy customization, additions, and deletions.

NOTE: ASEL recommends your attorney review the contract for any special considerations.


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