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Client Interview / Proposal Package – 7 Documents in this package!

Client Interview/Proposal Package –  This package positions you as “The Expert” and demonstrates that you are offering value to the client before you have even attained the estate sale.

Walk in to your first face-to-face client interview confident with professional polish and competitive edge.  Competition can be intense, and having that professional advantage can often mean you securing the estate sale over a competitor.

ASEL has put together a professional package of documents for you, to either include in a new client folder, your own personal portfolio when presenting to them, or to hand out to prospective clients you feel would benefit from one or more of these documents.

The Estate Sales Policies 2 page sheet, the Services Offered template and the Client “Thank You for the Interview” letter are all in Word format and customizable.

If you are an ASEL member, include Your ASEL Certificate and Code of Ethics.

This wonderful package includes:

1) Services Offered Template

2) Client Thank You letter for the Interview

3) Estate Sales Policies Sheet, 2 pages

4) WOW Testimonial Sheet to encourage positive feedback and testimonials you can use.

5) Setting Expectations  –  A professionally written explanatory article for clients who feel their items are worth more than the market will bring.

6) Tips for Letting Go – A professionally written article for clients.

7) What to Do Before the Estate Liquidator Begins Work – 15 Tips For a Smoother Process – A professionally written article for the client.

Tip:  Consider including a few Before and After photos of your sales, additional testimonials, etc.

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