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Appraisal Letter of Agreement


This one-page Letter of Agreement for Appraisals further demonstrates your level of professionalism.

  • It identifies the estate’s legal decision maker and the name of the decedent
  • It states that you have been contacted to conduct an appraisal for estate purposes
  • It estimates how long it will take you in hours to complete
  • It states your hourly rate
  • It lists what you need to do to complete the report (research, etc.) It clearly states that your invoice is to be paid upon receipt of the appraisal report
  • It has a header so you just fill in your company information
  • It has lines for the signatures of legal decision maker and the appraiser

This document can be edited any way you want.  For example, if you are asking for a deposit upfront, you can add that to the letter as well.

Remember to always identify the legal decision-maker prior to conducting work on an appraisal report. Their names will need to be on this letter of agreement and also on the appraisal invoice.

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