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CLEAN OUTS are big business!
What To Do and How To Do It!

Build a business with a multimillion dollar market that NEEDS you.

  • Serve a huge growing consumer market in need of this service
  • Create preference in your marketplace by offering something competitors are not
  • Build a lucrative extension of your business that will continue to grow

Estate Clean Outs are happening at a rapid rate with a huge consumer market dazed by what to do and how to do it. Most important of all, they prefer not to do it themselves and would rather hire a professional to get the job done!  Wow your clients with this turnkey advantage.  This 90 slide power point and audio course comes complete with before and after photos and explanations of How To’s and What to do’s when professionally cleaning out an estate.  It took us over two decades of experience with virtually any challenge along the way to create this and give you the straight scoop on how to get it done.  Make it appear effortless and amaze your clients, whether it’s a small or large estate.  There is a method to the madness and we show you how.  Here’s what you will learn:


Pros/Cons of clean outs
Why choose clean outs now?
Be The Solution/Be The Expert
Family – removal of items
What to Separate & Prioritize
Unwanted valuables
What to Donate?
How to find a charity
What to recycle
Electronics compensation
What to scrap
What to throw away
What to keep
Getting started
Selecting the right staff
Supplies you need
Developing your resource network
Safety Hazards
Household Hazards
Medications – how to handle and dispose
Dealing with Medical Equipment
Unique considerations
Tips for efficiency
Key to packing boxes
Top-Down process
Step by step attic
Step by step basement
Step by step storage
Special considerations – paper
Special considerations – photos
The finishing touch

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