ASEL Institute » Online Courses & Webinars » Are you seeking to expand your offerings to the elderly and Boomer markets? Gain Insight to Enhanced Value Opportunities from this 90-minute Webinar!

Are you already in business serving the elderly or Baby Boomer markets?

Would you like to know all the logical options to expanding your business, so you can make the right expansion decision for you and those you love to serve?

Are you considering estate liquidation, but would also like to know the other options to consider?

If you answered YES to these questions, then this webinar is a must for you. This introductory Webinar on Estate Liquidation is your BEST first step towards learning more!

This 90-minute webinar will give you solid statistics, insight and a comprehensive overview introducing the many streams of income that your business could add to its core offerings. This is not a how-to liquidate course, but an information-packed program to help you confirm the best options to expand and recession-proof your current business.

SPECIAL NOTE: This webinar is for an individual NOT currently providing liquidation services. If you are not a liquidator, then this webinar is a quick-study reference of the options BEFORE you take the Home Based Start-Up course.

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